Progressive Political Organizations


American Civil Liberties Union:
Democracy Docket:

I'm highlighting these two organizations (but see the Voter Registration/Protecting Voting Rights section at the bottom) as it’s clear there will be massive court fights surrounding the election. As of October 1 we probably already have all the votes we need. The issue will be getting them counted. And that’s legal work.

We all know the ACLU, but Democracy Docket is new to me. It is headed by Marc Elias (, and they seem to be especially effective.

Progressive Mobilization

Progressive Turnout Project:
Priorities USA:
DemCast: (digital media)
United Forward:

State-Specific Mobilization

All Voting is Local:
The New Georgia Project:
Move Texas:
Georgia Shift:
Turn PA Blue:
Indivisible Philadelphia:
Indivisible National (links to all local groups):

Supporting Progressives in State-Level Races

Progressives Everywhere:
Forward Majority:

Republican Groups Against Trump

Republican Voters Against Trump:
Lincoln Project:
43 Alumni:
American Bridge PAC:
Defending Democracy Together:

Voter Registration/Protecting Voting Rights

Voter Protection Project:
Voter Participation Center:
Fair Fight:
Florida Ex-Felon Voting:

Increasing Diversity in Elected Offices

Bold PAC:

For information on political organizations

Open Secrets: