Web Sites of Friends and Family

This is a list of sites run by my friends and family members.

My brother Peter Langman is an author and psychologist whose research focuses on understanding school shooters with the goal of stopping them before they pick up a gun. His books, and his site, SchoolShooters.info, are resources for psychologists, school staff, and law enforcement professionals.

My nephew Joshua Langman is a theatre artist, graphic designer, writer, and teacher based in New York.

My cousin Jay Butera is an advocate for clean energy and climate change solutions.

Stephanie Singer is a mathematician, politician, and writer.

Doug Harper runs the online etymology dictionary at etymonline.com. It’s dangerous. You can lose a lot of time there, but it’s worth it.

Iain Levison is a novelist who occasionally lives on my couch. He doesn’t actually run his Amazon page, but you could go there anyway.

Neil Kohl takes photographs and does other stuff.

David “Goldy” Goldstein runs HorsesAss.org, where he and his cohorts write about politics in Washington state and the nation.

Hank’s Cadillac is my favorite Philadelphia band. They play roots music, country, classic rock, and jazz standards. They are all lovely people.

The Hoppin’ John Orchestra is my other favorite Philadelphia band. They play jazz and classic R&B from the 40’s and 50’s.